Apex Legends 8th season may actually be it’s best yet.

This week marked the launch of Apex Legends 8th season, and with it a new character named Fuse. This explosive (pun intended) merc-for-hire turned cage fighter made a strong first impression with these seasons launch. Boasting the ability to stack grenades as well as fire them off with more accuracy and speed, his is a grenade spammers dream come true. Fuse seems to have been designed with the thought of suppressing advancing opponents looking to push your team or covering your rear when on the run with his wide array of explosion abilities. His knuckle duster launches a cluster bomb that continuously expels airburst explosions on impact. A good way to break up opponents trying to hunker down behind cover or break up tight knit groups looking for team takedowns against you. His ultimate ability “the motherlode” certainly lives up to its name by dropping on your targeted area and encircling it in a wall of flames. Combining this with Bangalore or Gibralter’s air strikes and good team coordination is a recipe for solid crowd control when getting attacked by multiple squads.

New character Fuse enters King’s Canyon with a bang

This season also brings with it a new weapon, the 30-30 Repeater. This unique weapon heavy weapon is perfect for precision shots on unsuspecting enemies along with the ability to charge while aiming for more damage. The 30-30 also has a unique reload feature that reloads one built at a time. At first this may sound like a terrible idea, but in a skilled Apex players hands this can mean the difference between a win and a loss. One round reloads allow for obvious quick reloads meaning near never ending fire (if you have the spare bullets) and the ability to unload on your opponents while they try to hop reload away from your never-ending precision shots.

The season 8 trailer showcases new features with a awesome 80s movie vibe

As a delightful bonus, original fan favorite map King’s Canyon gets some more adjustments and an extra area that was previously off limits (It never really existed until the update). Though I am not sure how much more destruction this poor map can take. Compared to season one King’s Canyon the current map is a full-on destructive mess, but still just as fun. Crash site not only brings new landscape but has altered other parts of the map in remarkable ways. You can read about all the changes on the official EA map blog.

New location Crash site on map favorite King’s Canyon

And finally, the usual patches that came in this package deal, and there were plenty. One being more adjustments to fan favorites Wraith and Horizon who both boast high kill and win ratios. Wraith has always been a source on contention due to her uniquely small hit box which became even smaller during her previous run animation, which was patched in the previous season. Even with the adjustments to increase her hit box, she remains a hard to hit character even when compared to her fellow small companions. Horizon has had her gravity lift time increased for 21 to 25 seconds with the 15sec cooldown only starting after the previous gravity lift disappears. Other main charters have had minor tweaks made to them as well along with the weapon loot pool rotation. You can read the full patch note list here.

Season 8 launched this week and is looking to be its best season yet and is delivering on a lot of things gamers have been asking for. And once it launches on Nintendo Switch in March, we can expect things to only get crazier.

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