No more Gina Carano on The Mandalorian

How well this Disney firing will be handled by the series has yet to be seen.

As sourced by IGN, it was announced today that Gina Carano will no longer be playing Cara Dune in the Mandalorion.

And the reason behind this? Well because of a recent post comparing the modern Republican Party to the Jewish citizens during Nazi Germany. While some may agree to her firing, others are defending her freedom of speech. However Lucasfilm and Disney both are firm on their decision, stating she is no longer employed by the company.

Disney has received some backlash to this as they are under scrutiny for their decision to bring back a previously fired director James Gunn who was also let go over offensive tweets. This doesn’t paint a pretty picture for them. But now the question is will the character still be in the series, played by a new actress, or will something else all together happen?

Only time will tell.

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