A Nintendo Direct will be live February 17th at 5pm EST

Nintendo sure knows how to cause a stir.

In a surprise announcement Nintendo will be having its first full Nintendo direct event since September 2019.


As you can probably assume, this has caused fans to go into a tizzy with Breath of the Wild 2 trending on social media. But in classic Nintendo fashion they have been rather quiet about what their event will consist of. The timing however is rather perfect as the 35th anniversary celebration of Mario is still in full swing, with this coming Sunday marking the 35th anniversary of The Zelda series as well. Definitely the perfect time for an update on the second BOTW title.

Image credit: Nintendo

But what can we expect from the last minute Direct? Well new game announcements as well as updates for Smash Bros Ultimate. While the latter may not be much of a surprise, the mention of new games is sure to raise eyebrows. With titles like Monster Hunter Rise, Apex Legends, and Pokémon Snap, already being mentioned we can only hope that the yet mentioned titles are Nintendo exclusives like the elusive Metroid Prime 4 which restarted development back in 2019. Maybe we will also finally get a switch dedicated Mario Kart as the current one is just an upgraded version of the Wii U’s Mario Kart 8 aptly titled Mario Kart 8 DELUXE.

The planned 50 minute direct while exciting is still mostly shrouded in mystery which can be a good and bad thing. Gamers have proven they will be happy with most things Nintendo brings down the pipeline, but they also are very hopeful for certain titles and possible remakes to appear on the nearly four-year-old console.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out what they have in store.

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