Welcome the New Captain America: the Falcon and Winter Soldier: Season Finale Review

By Gaming Ulysses

The finale to what has been a great show, falls a little short but in return you have a set up to new MCU possibilities. Even with it short comings, the show still manages to excite me and show me that the MCU is not slowing down, instead they are doubling down for the future.

let’s start off with the biggest reveal, Sam’s new Captain America suit. I have to say that this was my favorite part of the show, the reveal was worth the wait. The entire show was basically a big reveal for Sam to be the new Captain America and I am here for all of it. Sam seriously developed his own style of flight and shield fighting, with some minor hiccups here and there, as to be expected since this is his first true time in the suit in action. The suit is loyal to what has been shown in comics and is certainly something we see Sam own.

Now the show does fall off a bit in some parts. The build up to a big fight against the Flag Smashers falls a little short. I expected them to put up more off a fight, but they ultimately show that they are not as well train as they thought they were. Failing at almost every aspect of their plan, thanks to the actions of Sam, Bucky, Sharon, and John. It was seemed that the flag smashers were going to be a bigger force in future MCU projects but they just ended up as an idea with not identity.

The next two reveals in the show were thrown at us with no true build up or even a moment to take it in. Sharon being outed as the Power Broker and John becoming the U.S. Agent were just thrown in our face and that’s it. There were no follow ups or even a moment to take it in. This episode really focused on Sam as Captain America, which is ok but you have more characters in the show. Bucky finally told crosses of every name in his notebook as if it was easy, while previous episodes make it seem like it was going to be a full episode of its own. This is where the episode really fails the show and I understand that they needed to fill the 51 min run time, but they should of made it into 2 episodes to really give everything that happened weight.

Ultimately the finale did its job, as a way to hype us up for future MCU projects, but failed in really giving anything weight except for Sam coming out as Captain America. If they had given time to Bucky, Sharon and John, the finale would of succeeded more in its endeavor. The episode is 6/10. A great set up for the few but a misstep for the rest of the cast.

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