Mortal Kombat-Flawlessly Underwhelming

Grossing $9 million on day one opening and a total of approximately $50 million for its first weekend worldwide, Mortal Kombat has done well…at least financially compared to the original in 1995. I’m just going to get to the point…there are two things I would like to address here. The story line and of course, the fighting.

The story line does what most movies of this genre does, spending over half the movie length putting a team together and giving context to the characters. However, this is the part that also bored me while watching. Don’t get me wrong however, I do enjoy the how’s and why’s of characters in any movie. It just all seemed very jumbled together, with a ton of fluff and waiting around and as a result, the story line falls short of anything memorable.

The attempt to add any comedy moments to this movie didn’t help either. This is Mortal Kombat we’re talking about. We don’t want humor, we want anger, hope, despair, fear and to be taken by surprise. It almost seemed to me, that the goal here was for the “good guys” to win and all the “bad guys” to lose. That is not what Mortal Kombat is about. At minimum, even some of our favorite characters should meet their end in a gruesome way.

The fighting on the other hand is a different story. The movie holds no punches immediately starting off, showing Sub-Zero as a foe to take very seriously. This guy does not mess around, and I absolutely love it. If only the rest of the fighters in the movie could have that same blood lust. I don’t know about the rest of you, but one thing I was looking forward too was some real one on one fighting pit matches to the death. Although some of the later fights were good, unfortunately most were way to quick to end and very underwhelming. The only saving grace for the fighting were the few fatalities.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Mortal Kombat fan and I did enjoy this movie. I just can’t help but feel robbed of a movie that could have truly lived up to the game itself. Hopefully, the sequel will do a better job at getting to the point and giving us more real fights that actually keep us on the edge of our seats. As cheesy as the original was, I unfortunately still prefer that one. I give the movie a 6/10 for effort and the finishing moves.

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