Discord chooses loyalty to fan base over quick easy money

Microsoft Is denied by Discord!

If you didn’t already know, recently Microsoft had been trying to get Discord to sell off to them for $12 billion. There was a ton of controversy and some fear over what that might mean for Discord if it did sell, and Microsoft owned them. Let’s be honest, since as far back as at least the Zune, Microsoft seems to either fail at everything it touches, or at least appear to not care about its products or company purchases. The only things they seem to get right is the Window’s programs, of course even the Windows updates seem to like to crash computers occasionally, and the Xbox, which is overall holding its own. Admittedly, I’m not an X-box fan, but I am biased and being a PlayStation and PC gamer leaves me asking myself why would I have an X-Box when my PC can play everything it can, plus do way more?

Now, this brings us to our next topic…

Discord turning down a $12 Billion sell out to Microsoft and absolutely, hilariously, partnering with Sony for $100 Million just two weeks later. No, that is not a typo…so let that sink in. $100 million. This showed me two things. One, Discord heard and listened to its fans. They’re choosing loyalty to those of us who love Discord all the way! Second, by choosing to partner with Sony, they seem to me at least, to be looking to eventually go public, and continue finding ways to bring gamers even closer together.

Now, how are Sony and Discord going to do this?

Apparently by finally integrating Discord into the PS5, allowing for easier connectivity between gamers across all platforms. For those of you who actively use Discord and are big PS5 gamers, you understand how much easier this will make life in the gaming world. Less in game chats that are sometimes hard to hear and break up sometimes, and more audio clarity Discord is known for.

So for the approximately 140 million Discord gamers out there, I’d say this is a huge win for us, the fans and users, and a massive win for both Discord’s future and Sony. I truly look forward to what Discord continues to do over the next few years and hope to see them continue to do what they’ve done since day one…continue building on an already amazing, user friendly platform.

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