Resident Evil Village (PC): The Bloody nightmare continues

By Gaming Ulysses

Resident Evil Village, just might be the best Resident Evil game I’ve played since Resident Evil 4. The gameplay is fun and intense, the story is written well, and last but not least it’s visually appealing to the eyes. I had moments where I’ve played for 3+ hours and didn’t realize the amount of time that has passed, that’s a feat in itself for a game to do.


For starters, let’s jump into the gameplay itself. Resident Evil Village combines the gameplay style of 7 mixed in with a little bit of 4, in that it keeps its first-person style with the exploration and treasure hunting very similar to RE4. You can definitely tell that RE4 is a big influencer for Resident Evil 8. The combat is very fluent with moments of sheer panic when facing more than one enemy. The boss fights bring out this big arena-style combat while challenging you to figure out the enemies’ weak points while they try to crush you. The inventory management is similar to RE4’s briefcase style, with the shop having expansions available to buy. The major difference is that crafting materials don’t take up inventory space, they are saved on a separate menu and don’t limit you on how much you can carry. Not that the game gives you more than you need during your playthrough. The Crafting System of the game is very simple and at the same time very important. The game gives you a sense of “Let me save some materials in case I need it later” feeling, unsure if crafting the ammo now is better than saving the materials to craft a mine needed later. The shop in RE8 is very simple and easy to navigate, with a new addition, the Duke can craft you meals that give you permanent bonuses, like more health or faster movement. You can still buy some supplies limited to how much the Duke actually has, new weapons when they become available, and upgrade your weapon to do more damage. All this combined into RE8 makes the game feel more satisfying when you travel around the map and find treasures to sell and in return either gain more materials or upgrade your weapons for maximum damage.


The story for RE8 is simple at first but then becomes more complex after each area you beat. You return to play as Ethan Winters, 3 years after the events of Resident Evil 7. After a while, you settle with Mia and have a daughter, Rose. That all soon turns for the worst when Chris Redfield shows up and takes you and your family away, only to be ambushed and left in the remains of the Village. Your daughter is missing and you have to find her in the Village. The Village is separated into different areas. With each area managed by one of the 4 lords of the Village under Mother Miranda. Alcina Dimitrescu runs the castle Dimitrescu with her 3 daughters, Karl Heisenberg runs the factory, Salvatore Moreau runs Moreau’s Reservoir, Donna Beneviento who runs House Benevento. You have to face all four of them before you have to face Mother Miranda. Seems simple enough but as soon as you dive into it, the story opens wide to new possibilities.


Finally, the game is visually stunning. Each area feels like it’s run by each lord, having that feel as if they were there for more than hundreds of years. The Village itself is sort of the hub for Ethan to return after every venture into the lords. Visually the game has stunning views and eerie areas. The Lords themselves look amazing.

Final Verdict

My final verdict of the game is that RE8 is a great addition to the Resident Evil franchise and adds new possibilities for future games to come. It is showing us that Capcom is moving forward in a better direction, especially after the flops of RE5 and RE6. The game is an intense and fun time, with some scares here and there but it definitely focuses more on survival and fighting your way out of situations. Resident Evil Village is a GZ 9/10. A recommended buy and replay.

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