Army of the Dead (2021) Review: The dead come knocking

By Gaming Ulysses

Army of the Dead is not your average post-apocalyptic zombie movie and it is not your average heist movie. It is a great mixture of both with a smooth focus switching between zombies or the heist. Despite the movie having to change a character due to allegations, this doesn’t hurt the movie. The movie starts with a great montage of the outbreak’s beginnings, all while Viva Las Vegas plays in the background of all the carnage. We soon join Dave Bautista’s character tasked with stealing 200 million dollars from a vault in a casino by the owner.

Bautista soon gets a crew together and heads into Las Vegas. The crew is full of exaggerated characters that are fun to watch, with some special ones in there that are really enjoyable. We also get to learn more about the certain types of undead in Las Vegas, in turn giving the undead characteristics of their own, and making them more of a dangerous force to handle. The heist soon starts to go wrong and the hotel starts to be overrun by the undead.

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The final act of the movie is where it falls off. The events that occur as they escape the casino into another casino to rescue another character. This feels like fluffed for the movie to add extra run time. Making it feel like a worthless endeavor that shouldn’t have happened in the beginning. Despite this, the ending does seal the movie in a nice touch. But it does feel unnecessary because of things that shouldn’t have happened.

Army of the Dead is a great time and a fun watch. Receiving a GZ 7/10. It does fall off during the third act, but in the end, it was still an enjoyable movie to watch. For more reviews like this check out our Reviews page.

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