Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 1 & 2 Review

By Gaming Ulysses

The Bad Batch is a spin off show of the very popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The show takes place right at the moment Order 66 was placed. This puts us between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Giving us a fresher look into the Empire uprising. The writing is similar to its predecessor, giving us an intense and exciting show . The Bad Batch is a show that follows Clone Force 99 otherwise known as The Bad Batch. They are experimental clones with unique mutations making them better at certain things over the run of the mill clones. We follow Clone Force 99 as they escape the Empire and protect Omega. Omega is an experimental female clone that joins them in their journey.

Now lets talk about the animation. The animation is as good as it was in Clone Wars. Its a perfect way to introduce us to new concepts and designs that would be too difficult create live action. It gives the story writers just as much freedom to create a universe far, far away. The voice acting is just as spot on with the animation. Every character has a distinct voice to them. Brining them closer to life and allowing us to feel connected to them.

The first two episodes of The Bad Batch, is great introduction into the new group we will follow for episodes ahead. Hopefully fleshing the cast out more and throwing them into more exciting adventures for us to see. The Bad Batch receives a GZ 8/10 Giving us great introduction, exciting story, likeable characters and great animation.

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