M.O.M.: Mother of Madness new super hero comic written by emilia clark

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Emilia Clark announced that she has begun writing a three-issue comic miniseries along side with Marguerite Bennett. The comic book in question being called M.O.M.: Mother of Madness, follows single mom who discovers she has unlikely superpowers and fights the secret cabal of human trafficker’s.

M.O.M.: Mother of Madness

Clarke explains that she had the idea while hanging out with a few friends and the next morning decided to start it. Claiming that she gets some inspiration from Deadpool by the comic having “a lot of silliness” while also having “current feminist sensibility”. Clarke tells EW “We’re always calling mothers superheroes, and I’m like, what if they were? What if they legitimately were superheroes?”. The powers are kept somewhat a secret but there are tell tales of potential powers that the superhero Maya might posses. Giving another hint to EW by stating “She can do all of these wicked things, but they all come from the fact that she is a woman who has a menstrual cycle. I thought it would be cool to have all the things that women don’t like about themselves, flip that, and make those the things that make her superhuman.”.

Are comics really only for the “guys”

With all this information about her upcoming new comic. We can get excited for more potential great comics. With one being specific to feminine attributes, this could lead to more women being interested in comics. Its been a long standing trope that only “guys” like comics. but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. Stated in an article by The Beat, that 46.67% of comic fans are female. They gain this research through a self proclaimed comic group on Facebook. With over 24 million people part of that group. They were able to distinguish that 46.67% of them are in fact female. That’s a huge portion of the group.

We have high hopes that this comic will do great. Hoping that this will help stop the trope that only “guys” like comics. Hopefully brining into light what most of us knew about the comic industry that women are just a big part of it as the men.

Sources: https://ew.com/books/emilia-clarke-comic-book-mom-mother-of-madness-preview/



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