E3 Expo starts the week off by leaving gamers wanting more

E3 2021 has brought a lot of changes

E3 kicked off the third expo day Monday and with it, set a new level of expectations for the convention going forward. While everyone was hoping for major gaming updates and news on a possible GTA 6 and slew of new AAA titles, we got a different and in some ways much-needed shift from what has come to be expected at E3.

Indie titles and NFTs?

Intellivison finally revealed their rumored Amico video game console to mixed reception. Amico is designed with family and retro-style gaming in mind while introducing fresh and easy-to-use technology that anyone can pick up and play. With a strong focus on family-friendly games (all games are rated E) and the absence of downloadable content, loot boxes, and micro-transactions, Amico aims to bring back the “golden days” of gaming and connecting families.

Mythical games took to the stage with their new early access game Blankos Block Party which looks to create a “playable NFTs” a concept that is completely new to the gaming genre. They have partnered with Burberry, DeadMau5, and others, raising over $75 million to expand its’ NFT license to other game companies, creating a self-sustaining digital gaming economy that gamers can take full control of.

Photo credit: Blankos.com

The Indie showcase came in strong with a healthy number of titles that break up the saturated gaming market norms. Titles like Falling Frontier, Dreamscaper, and Dark Deity promise immersive stories with deep customizations and beautiful designs, while Neko Ghost jump, and Coromon pay homage to genres we already know and love.

Gamers Expectations

While there are plenty of new titles mentioned at this year’s convention, many gamers (and some E3 commentators) were very vocal about their displeasure with how this year’s event has played out. Nothing showed this more than when Take-Two interactive took to the panel covering diversity and inclusion in gaming. Something that drew out long groans and trollish comments that only proved why such panel was needed even at a convention such as E3.

For many Capcom was their last hope of the day for major title announcements as gamers felt starved from the previous panels. Opening with the announcement the Resident Evil Village would be getting DLC and then shifting to the announcement of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and the ability to import your save and cross-save bonuses for Monster Hunter Rise along with free and paid DLC. It seemed like Capcom wanted to take things slow this year and focus on their already released titles which as the trend from yesterday’s audience showed…is not what they wanted.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: wings of Ruin

They mention of the Capcom cup and Street Fighter V was met with little to no excitement as well.

While not a total loss on the gaming front, yesterday’s panels left gamers very frustrated as their self imposed expectations were not met and the change to E3 did not live up to the excitement generated from years before.


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