Nintendo Direct steals E3 with a new Metroid and Zelda update

Nintendo comes in strong

Nintendo Direct started off strong with their E3 presentation by showing their latest Super Smash bros character Kazuya from Tekken is joining the roster of all-star characters. With Tekken now entering the fray we can only wonder what other characters will be coming over from the franchise. More details are set to be announced on 6/28.

Mario Party Superstars were also announced with over 100 minigames and online play expanding the Mario party reach to new heights. The game is set to release on Oct 29.

Also, the Japanese horror game Fatal Frame makes a return with Fatal Frame Maiden of Blackwater, which is a decent-looking title that appears to stick to the mechanics that made the original games so famous in the PS2 days.

Nintendo E3 Direct 2021

What about Metroid and Zelda?

While not Metroid 4, we finally got some Metroid news in the form of 2D side scroller Metroid Dread a sequel to Metroid Fusion which is slated for an October 8th release this year. The first 2D Metroid in over two decades and looks to take a more horror approach and live up to the namesake of Dread with the enemies known as E.M.M.I being immune to most of Samus’s arsenal, forcing stealth and tactical approaches that are new to the series.

With Metroid 4 being caught in development limbo, we can only assume that Dread was being worked on at the same time, or perhaps is using resources meant for 4 to complete this title. Being introduced in the trailer as Metroid 5, we are still waiting on the elusive Metroid 4. But a Metroid Dread gives fans something to gnaw on while we continue to wait on Metroid 4.

Photo Credit: Nintendo

As for Zelda, gamers were highly anticipating a BOTW2 update and Nintendo did not disappoint as they saved the best for last. Showcasing more gameplay and ending the trailer with a 2022 release date, gamers were ecstatic to see an update on one of their beloved titles and sealing Nintendo as the favorite for this year’s E3. Gamers were also greeted with a Game & Watch system with four classic Zelda games to mark the 35th anniversary that is set to release on November 12.

No news on the Switch Pro

Even with their great line-up, hopes (despite Nintendo asking gamers not to) were high for any mentions on the rumored Switch pro and potential release date. While no new hardware was mentioned, the Switch is only now entering its 5th year and is still one of the highest selling consoles of the last generation with continued sales even as developers opt to put their latest games on the newer hardware.

Even without a pro announcement, its’ safe to say Nintendo stole the show by giving gamers more of what they wanted in comparison to the previous day’s panels.


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