Elden Ring: Return of Dark Souls

In 2009, we were given a game that would change our perception of gameplay difficulty. Developed by FromSoftware, this game was called Demon’s Souls, a RPG unlike any other. You take on the role of an adventurer, in the kingdom of Boletaria. The world is being consumed by a fog, within it, soul eating demons. However, this game was only the beginning of the most unforgiving franchise, Dark Souls.

Fast forward to 2011, Dark Souls was introduced to the world as a sequel to Demons Souls, set in the same world. Again, FromSoftware returned and the game was published by Namco Bandai Games. Dark Souls was critically acclaimed as one of the greatest games ever created. Rich with story and lore and beautiful, but difficult gameplay, Dark Souls would go on to win multiple awards, including GameSpot’s Overall Game of the Year and Game Revolution, giving Dark Souls the Community Choice Game of the Year award. The games only complaints were how difficult and unforgiving it was. Of course that did not stop them from returning in 2014 with Dark Souls II. A game made seemingly on purpose, even more difficult, almost as if they were laughing in our faces. In 2016, we were given Dark Souls III, which unlike most game sequels, continued to live up to expectations.

Elden Ring

Back in 2019, E3 revealed the game Eldin Ring, a game that had been in the works for a few years. Afterwords, we heard virtually nothing more about this game. Covid had caused so many shut downs, movie, game and anime push backs it was feasible to assume some games may never see the light of day. However, after much anticipation and wondering, Elden Ring finally dropped the gameplay trailer and a release date, January 2022!!

Official trailer by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

What we know!

It has been confirmed to be a sequel to Dark Souls and taking place in the same universe! A new world by Hidetaka Miyazaki, creator of the influential Dark Souls video game series, and George R. R. Martin, creator of Game Of Thrones. This new fantasy world is called, The Lands Between. The trailer shows us an absolutely beautiful world and gameplay. The game itself is dark and gritty, showing us the Dark Souls gameplay we all equally love and hate. Of course it was made very clear we should expect the same level of difficulty Dark Souls is known for, so stand by for rage inducing gameplay.

Here’s a round-up of major news details, from official Bandai Namco PR.

  • There are six main areas in the world, each controlled by a demigod boss and containing a more traditional dungeon. 
  • There’s now mounted combat
  • Multiplayer is in: Co-op is confirmed to support four players. Invasions are unclear at this point
  • You can summon the spirits of dead enemies and use them in battle
  • There’s a stealth system
  • Elden Ring has weather and time systems
  • There’s a fast travel system
  • Your horse looks to materialize out of thin air, and has the ability to leap up sheer cliff faces
  • You’re not a hollow, you’re “Tarnished”
  • There are characters “with their own unique motivations for helping or hindering the player’s progress”
  • “Players will choose the fate of this cursed land by unravelling its secrets and myths”
  • Bandai Namco reiterates it’s an RPG with “with a wide variety of weapons, magical abilities and skills found throughout the world” that let you choose your play style
  • Bandai Namco might have some spin-off material planned, based on this press release quote from president Yasuo Miyakawa: “We will continue to develop Elden Ring not only as a game but also in a variety of other areas in order to deliver the worldview and charm of this title to our fans around the world”
  • You can jump

As quickly as this year is going by, January 2022 is right around the corner. Are you as excited about this game and the return of the Dark Souls world as we are? Let us know and leave a comment of your thoughts below!


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