My first run on Nightmare mode in Phasmophobia…this is how it ended

On September 18th of 2020, a new horror game was released, bringing something entirely new to the table of horror gaming. The game…Phasmophobia, and it certainly did just that. Developed by the British indie game studio, Kinetic Games, Phasmophobia gave us all a new kind of horror game. You start the mission off in a van full of supplies used specifically for hunting ghosts and finding clues to determine which kind of ghost you’re dealing with. Of course it’s not that easy, these ghosts can and will make attempts to hunt and kill you.

Changes Since It’s Release

Phasmophobia went on for about a year or so with occasional updates, mainly to fix bugs and improve performance issues. During this time, players ultimately learned the secrets of the game well enough, and we became unchallenged and bored. Honestly even to me, I wondered if the game would fall to the wayside, having little more to really offer at the end. How arrogant we were *laughs hysterically*. Apparently Kinetic Games was paying attention the whole time and decided to not just give us what we wanted, but make us suffer for it. At first it was by just adding a couple of new ghosts here and there, improvement to AI and the ghosts hunt lengths, making the game slightly more difficult. However this was just the beginning of something much more challenging.

One of our first of many hilariously failed attempts on Nightmare mode!

Challenge Accepted

Kinetic Games drastically increased the level of difficulty in Amateur, Intermediate and Expert by pulling a “Dark Souls” situation on us. They did this through a ton of changes to the ghosts. For instance, they ACTUALLY listen and hear everything and I mean everything. They will find you, and they will Liam Neeson you. To further laugh in our faces as we suffer, they introduced Nightmare mode. The mode was so incredibly difficult, it got nerfed days later and still continues to be damn near to hilariously difficult. In Nightmare mode, you are only able to get two actual pieces of evidence while having to resort to the ghosts personalities and behaviors to determine what it could ultimately be. Also, you do this while being hunted frequently and some ghosts even being able to chain kill your team in the event you placed yourselves in a poor situation.

Needles to say Kinetic Games significantly improved what the ghosts can do, how they can find you, and where you can hide. Imagine my surprise as, even on professional mode, I go to hide in a closet and it’s full of boxes. Spoiler alert…..I died. They made so many improvements to this game both graphically and in programming I no longer have any doubts about the future of this game. I truly look forward to what they intend to do with this game in the future as it evolves. You can find all of the updates I’ve mention plus many more here: Phasmophobia Updates on Steam

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