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The podcast that is bringing you the latest in gaming business, entertainment news, tech, and more! We break down the topics in unexpected ways you won’t hear anywhere else. With the gaming industry booming and affecting things from main stream media to the stock market, we make sure to cover it all in a style sure to keep you coming back for more!

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Projekt Itachi

Founder of the Gamma GameZ community and The GZ Chop Shop podcast. Military veteran, all around content creator, Twitch streamer and avid gamer of many genres and platforms. Love my sci-fi and horror movies and huge Anime fan.



But everyone calls me Carah. I’m a Twitch streamer, and working mom. I love playing games with my friends so you’ll see me play a lot of multiplayer games!




Registered Nurse, military veteran, avid PC gamer, streamer and co-host of the GZ ChopShop podcast. Let’s just say I’m passionate about gaming and everything nerdy.



Registered jokster, streamer, content creator and lover of asian foods. I enjoy gaming and binge watching anime. Huge movie buff and nerd.

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